what if...

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what if...

Actually what I am gonna say doesn't have much to do with this movie anymore.

I am just wondering what my life would be, if five years ago you asked me to watch the batman movie instead of the spiderman movie.

I never really liked any American comics even though I watched X-men and spiderman and other stuff. But that was only because I wanted to see the stars I like. I never finished the Avenger, and I just never really understand its popularity.

So five years ago, when we were still in ninth grade, you asked me to watched the Amazing Spiderman with you. I didn't know what these two movies were about, so I just said okay.

And it was good. I began to like Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. And I then watched a lot of movies where they are starring. And two years ago, there was the second new spiderman movie. I asked you out, and we had a great night.

The memory of those days was dim, but I still remembered that we were both down, for some reasons we can't even explain. I was busy preparing my exams for studying abroad and you were fighting for your dream school. I couldn't let him go, and I sensed that you couldn't either.

So in the movie Gwen died. I remember we both quoted the graduation speech she gave on our social network. About how life can be meaningful with you.

And I began to like Dane Dehaan. And I watched Kill Your Darlings.

And that was the beginning of a new chapter. I lost myself in the Beat Generation. I began to like Jack Kerouac.

Now two years has passed. I've got my offer. I thought I made it. And I really made it.

It's just these months I feel empty. I feel the weakness within myself that I can't overcome.

But that was another story.

So four days ago, I went to see BvS, because I like Jesse Eisenberg and Ben Affleck. And I heard that there were two bonus scenes where Chris Pine is in.

I guess I didn't explain why I like these three guys.

Two yeras ago I watched Argo. And I was just moved into tears in the end. And it was quoted in my SAT essay several times.

It was a concidence that every time I went to Hong Kong to take the exams, on the night before the exam day, there was always a movie starring Jesse Eisenberg. And I watched the Social Network and the End of the Tour.

And I love Star Trek.

Almost just next to Harry Potter.

So the movie was not bad. I never really liked the comic book heroes,but they looked just fine. I've always learned not to care about the plot of the popcorn movies.

But I began to like batman, for reasons I can't explain.

So I watched the batman trilogy directed by Nolan, whose movies I never really liked.

And it turns out they were also not bad.

I've always learned not to be lectured by popcorn movies.

And there goes the question...

what if...




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